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About Us

The Tarleton Oaks at Tallwood Condominium Association was formed in July of 1987 and is a non-profit corporation with the purpose of serving the best interests of the homeowners. It is a 294 unit condominium association located in central Kempsville, in southwest Virginia Beach.

The community is governed by an elected Board of Directors (also Tarleton Oaks Homeowners) and is managed by Atlantic Community Management Corporation.


The  Atlantic Community Management office is located at

5520 Greenwich Road Ste 201

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462.

More information regarding Atlantic Community Management is available at


The Board of Directors is made up of elected Homeowners whose priority is to represent the community needs and interests from the Homeowners perspective. 


The Tarleton Oaks Condominium Association is managed by Atlantic Community Management in Virginia Beach. For more information,

please visit


The Board and Management work together to manage needs of the common elements in the community and ensure the success of our association.

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